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Does self-help really work?

I have asked that question to myself thousands of time.

The self-help section in bookstores has hundreds of books, and motivational speeches are all over the internet. Self-help is a billion dollar business, but that does not answer the question, "Does self-help really work?"

After practicing medicine for forty years, I can state with one-hundred percent certainty that it works, and sometimes it even works miracles. I know this to be true because I have seen it work in my patients who spent years living without hope at rock bottom. People barely surviving turn their lives around and steadily rise above their circumstances to make their lives into what they want them to be. It doesn't matter whether they were addicted to alcohol, hard drugs, or mediocrity, they become new people with a new way of thinking and feeling.

But self-help does not work for everyone. It only works for those who have the following three characteristics:

1. They have reached the point where they actually want to change.

2. They develop positive expectations. They believe change is possible.

3. They are willing to do whatever it takes to make change happen.

When these three things are present, self-help works its magic. If these three things are absent, all the motivational speeches and self-help books in the world will not make a difference.

Self-help actually works when you want to change, when you develop positive expectations, and when you are willing to do whatever it takes. That is why the Positive Thinking Network exists, and that is why I am the Positive Thinking Doctor.

I am changing the world one person at a time, one belief at a time, one website at a time, one graphic at a time, one podcast at a time, and one ebook at a time.

If you are ready to change your world and get a new way of thinking, feeling, and living, then Self Help UNI is for you.

Positive Life Series


The Life Long Disoriented are a diverse group of individuals from every nation and race who share many characteristics in common. At the most basic level, they don't know who they are or where they are going. They live by default rather than by design, and they are unwilling to do whatever it takes to make their dreams come true. When things don't work out, they always have an excuse, and it's never their fault. They are unable to maintain a sustained focus for the long haul. They are talkers rather than doers. They never commit themselves to anything with all their heart, mind, and strength.

Review this checklist to see how many of the following characteristics you share in common with the Life Long Disoriented.

1. They believe they can think the same old thoughts, take the same old actions, and still get a new life.

2. They don't run their own mind. Someone else runs it for them, and tells them how to think and what to do.

3. They don't know how to program their own mind. All of their programming was inherited or done by other people.

4. They are image oriented. They try to change their life by changing their image rather than by changing the way they think.

5. They don't live as if they are a great person. They don't act as if their dreams are possible and work each day to make them happen.

6. They tolerate negative thinking.

7. They haven't selected an area of excellence which they develop and give to the world.

8. They create and adopt limitations in their own mind.

9. They are outcome-oriented rather than purpose-oriented.

10. They don't control what goes into their mind.

11. They don't understand that they can change who they are by changing what they put into their mind.

12. They have never opened their heart and mind to the power of God's love. Their mind contains thoughts that are inconsistent with God's love. Their heart contains emotions that are sick and inconsistent with God's love. They don't have a personal relationship with God based on love.

13. They don't live congruently with their heart, mind, and will all heading in the same direction.

It's easy to become a member of the Life Long Disoriented. All you have to do surrender your dreams and let other people tell you what to do and how to think for the rest of your life. They will give you a small plot in Nowhere Land in which you can bury your dreams forever.

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Maximum Strength Positive Thinking

Maximum Strength Positive Thinking

Maximum Strength Positive Thinking

Maximum Strength Positive Thinking

Maximum Strength Positive Thinking

Maximum Strength Positive Thinking

Maximum Strength Positive Thinking

Maximum Strength Positive Thinking

Maximum Strength Positive Thinking

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